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  Tuesday 29 June 1999
"I love Dublin, been there once (stayed at the Talbot Guesthouse) and enjoyed it very much.. I'd like to go back there some day..."
Pat, Delft, Holland. beijers@casema.netHomepage
Tuesday 29  June 1999

Kelly, Merewether, NSW Australia.

Tuesday 29  June 1999
"I've decided to watch at an Irish webcam because I love Ireland. It was very nice to see Ireland
once more. I've been there two years ago and I'd like to come back as soon as possible.
A great Hallo (Ciao) from Italy."
Annibale Tuttofuoco, Milano, Italy.
Saturday 26 June 1999
"Great page! I love watching the window scenes!"
Pam, Lincoln City, Oregon, USA.
Saturday 26 June 1999
"I visit this site often and I always enjoy it. Thank you for the good work."
George Hopkins, Jacksonville, Florida, USA.
Thursday 24 June 1999
"Enjoyed the view of home and will visit again."
Jen English, Brisbane, Australia.
Thursday 24 June 1999
"Marvelous website. My relatives come form a little town in the North, Swatragh Co. Derry. Suggestion for a webcam site: O'Brien's Tower on the Cliffs of Moher, or the street markets off O'Connell Street in Dublin."
James McKeagney, Melbourne, Victoria,
Tuesday 22 June 1999
"I really enjoyed surfing around your site. And it made me really whant to travel to Ireland. I have wanted that for a loooong time, but now... I have to!!!
Yvonne Englund, Huddinge, Sweden.
Monday 21 June 1999
"I'll try back during daylight hours."
Christopher Dunphy, San Diego, California. USA.
Sunday 20 June 1999
C.E.NED HENDERSON, Midland, Texas, USA.
Sunday 20 June 1999
"My sister will be visiting Ireland (most likely Dublin) next week.  Your country has always been of great interest to me. Thanks!, Amy"
Amy, Lawton, USA.
Sunday 20 June 1999
"Amazing what you are doing! I'll take a look again, when it's daylight, 2.45 pm here, we're 13 hours ahead of you, - Jane"
Jane Usmar, New Zealand.

Friday 18 June 1999
"I am very proud of my Irish ancestory. My Grandfather was born in Dublin"
Douglas J. Whelan, FL.  USA
Wednesday 16 June 1999
"Lovely site and sight. I visited in 1998 and hope to return.Thanks for the grand view."
Frieda Tieder, Seaford, Delaware, USA
Wednesday 16 June 1999
"Very interesting, because I like Ireland and the Irish!!!bye"
Hanspeter WIDMER, Basel, Switzerland.
Monday 14 June 1999
"Your site is very entertaining and I plan to feature it on my  Irish Page     Your site is excellent!  It is always fun to check the weather from your window.  Thanks!"
Diane Shaw, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Saturday 12 June 1999
"I love the live cameras.  Thanks"
E Hart, Huntley, Il, USA.
Friday 11 June 1999
"Very good, like the cam"
Phil Bayly, Basingstoke, Hants, UK.
Wednesday 9 June 1999
"This is great you guys at least I can see ireland wish i could put my feet on your soil and smell the air there but
.......... thanks for the web cams!!!!!!!!
 and thank-you for the music and dance of IRELAND!
Redwind Rogers, CA. USA.
Tuesday 8 June 1999

Patsy Gonsorcik, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Tuesday 8 June 1999
"Visited irland in 1991 will return one day soon i hope"
Bill Johnston, Melbourne, Victoria,
Sunday 6 June 1999
"I've added it to my list of favorites.  I enjoy visiting your site."
Terri-Lynn Dorn Hedgepeth, Franklin, Virginia, USA.
Saturday 5 June 1999
"Thanks For Giving The World A Glimps Of Irleland."
Mark A. Pence, Palm Bay, Florida,
Friday 4 June 1999
"Great web-cam. Love Eire and Dublin. I visit Dublin two times, but I come back for a third visit."
Peter van Krimpen, Rotterdam, Holland.
Thursday 3 June  1999
"I take a break and "peek in". Thanks for the Irish windows. Every  one should visit ireland at least once before they die..or it will be too late."
Robert Bunt-Burke, Artist, Dalton, Mass, USA.
Wednesday 2 June  1999
"I am an American, but of irish descent. My mother's maiden name is McKenna. And I am very interested in anything irish."
Allison Simon, Santa Paula, California, USA.
Tuesday 1 June  1999
"How I would LOVE to live in Ireland.  After I retire I am planning on it."
LuAnne Anderson, Lincoln, NE, USA.
Tuesday 1 June  1999
"Fine  site.  See  you  in  three  weeks.  Looking  for  family  in  County  Monaghan."
Jack & Diann  Graham, Selah, Washington, USA.  JDG4143@AOL.COM
Tuesday 1 June  1999
"Thank you for sharing your little corner of the world with us all. Very enchanting."
Cheryl Casper, Mounds, IL, USA.
Tuesday 1 June  1999
"Enjoyed the view.  My sister and I are planning a trip to your city.  Dec. 26  -- Jan 3.  Your camera view makes  the waiting a little more fun until we can see it for ourselves.  Good day to you."
AnneMarie Baker, Toronto, Ohio, USA.
Monday 31  May  1999
"I'm thinking of moving to Ireland, and have been viewing both this
camera and the O'Connel bridge. Please let me know if there are more live
cameras in Dublin!"
Martin Smedsvik, Stavanger, Norway.
To the best of my knowledge no - sorry. - Webmaster
Sunday 30  May  1999

Friday 28 May  1999


Friday 28 May  1999
"I think the service that you provide to allow the public to come to visit your site and country
is wonderful. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to come an visit."
Nancy Eldredge, Wells, Maine, USA.
Friday 28 May  1999
"When it reaches over 104 on a may day, it`s refreshing to see a typical `gray rainy day in Dublin.
(thanks for cooling me down). - keep up the good work....MARK."
Mark Mcloughlin, Phoenix, Arizona. USA.
Wednesday  26 May  1999
"In a town half Irish, I just have to spread the word of this Neat Place to visit. Keep it up, and the Top of the Mornin to ya!!
Jim Hess, NJ., USA.
Wednesday  26 May  1999
"I would love to see some of County Cork. My grandfather used to own a butcher shop there. I am anxious to vist.His name was John Louis Murphy.
Wendy Murphy, San Diego, CA. USA.
Wednesday  26 May  1999
"I visit your Cam Site each Day. Am in hopes that you will in future have more Cam Shots of other parts of Dublin."
Albert J. Ricciuto,  Rochester , NY, USA.
Monday 24 May  1999
"good relative picture quality ... saw person crossing the street with handbag ... and traffic too ... see ya later"
Brian G Reed, Fairfax, California, USA. 
Friday 21 May  1999

"Thank you for the chance to visit your web site. I sincerely enjoyed it.
I'm also taking advantage of you ancestorial search.
I want to let my new son(Steven Quinn McKahan)know where his ancestors are from."
Steve McKahan, Worthington, Ohio,
Friday 21 May  1999
"Irish American, would kill for a trip to Ireland - until then it's great to see the home land.. :)  Thanks!!"
Scott Day, Alexandria, Virginia,
Tuesday 18 May  1999
"The Cam-shots remind me of our Ireland holidays in `94 where we spent some days in Dublin
at the Isaac´s and watched  the football-worldcup in "Fitzgerald´s Pub" near Talbot Street.
It was a great time, i still miss it.
Hope to see this page more often next time.
Stephan Meyer, Schafstedt, Germany. 
Monday 17 May  1999

"I 'm preparing to come in Irlend next summer and
this has been the first site I found; now I don't need to look for another.
compliments for this very good work!
(Sorry for my poor english)" - Its fine - Webmaster.
Emanuele Pace, Roma, Italy.
Monday 17 May  1999
"Very interesting!  Your's is the first internet cam I have seen so far.  I will have to visit again soon!  But first I am off to the caves!  Have a great day!"
Kathy Thompson, Virginia, Minnesota, USA. Home page .
Sunday 16 May  1999
"AS being Irish by birth and a Dub by the Grace of God, it's always goood to find some good Irish Web Pages Keep up the good work."
   Vincent Murtagh , Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
Friday 14 May  1999
"it'very beatifull"
Appendino Tommaso, 10023 chieri (to),
Friday 14 May  1999
"Met someone wonderful from Ireland, now I see the Country is even more beautiful...Thanx!"
Anneline Aspeling, Port Elizabeth, South
Friday 7 May  1999
"I am gonna visit Dublin and celebrate the Millenium there, that´s gonna be
Monica Jönsson.
Friday 7 May  1999
"Nice site. Have it bookmarked. Never been to Ireland."
Norman E Leach, Connersville, Indiana USA.
Thursday 6 May  1999
"I   love  the  Live  Cam .  You've  got  some  great  stuff  on  here  -  cool  site  keep  it  up.....
Twila  McGee, Missouri.  USA.
Thursday 6 May  1999
"I would love to have info on places to visit in Ireland.  would like to see where ancestors lived (O'Brien). "
Beverly Wilson, Minneapolis, MN/USA.

Wednesday 5 May  1999
"Nice City.  Nice site.  Hope to visit my distant ancestors nation day."
Hedly, Dania Beach, FL/USA.
Wednesday 5 May  1999

Thomas Moore, Salem, NH/ USA.

Wednesday 5 May  1999
Alejandro Altamirano, San Diego, CA / USA. ALEXMPOWER@HOTMAIL.COM
Monday 3 May  1999
"I just loved your site. I stayed at the Townhouse hotel across the
street from you in Oct '98. I met the man of my dreams in Ireland (sorry,
he's not Irish) and he kissed me for the first time on the steps of the
hotel.Mushy story I know but  your site has brought back some important and
pleasant memories. He is planning to loiter on the street some day soon so I
can see him. Thanks for the great site and the great sight!"
Catherine Hartigan, Devonport, Tasmania, Australia.
Sunday 2 May  1999
"Loved the view of Ireland....visit me "
Catpaw, Toronto,
Sunday 2 May  1999

Afred Spiteri, nsw, Australia.

Sunday 2 May  1999
"I visit this site often and enjoy it every time, keep up the good work.Thank you."
Paul Travers, Frankston, Victoria,
Thursday 29 April 1999
"I linked your great webcam several months ago
and put it on my homepage, view, cheers. Tbone. "
Thursday 29 April 1999
"I really would love to visit Ireland, the only way I get to see it is through your webcams. I'll be visiting sometime. Thank you."
Donald Owens, West Monroe, Louisiana, USA.
Saturday 24 April 1999
Monday 19 April 1999
"We LOVE Ireland, been there twice. Hoping to win the pub in Newcastlewest this year! We like your site and the little peek at Dublin."
Dont forget to stand me a pint when you win. Right!
Julie and Michaela, St. Louis, MO., USA.
Monday 19 April 1999
"It's beautiful!  One day I will get to see the real Ireland "live" without haveing to use a computer =)  Thank you for sharing the view.
Jeanine Cogen, Jacksonville, FL /USA.
Monday 19 April 1999
"Wish I was there ..."
Bob Jones, Pittsburgh,PA, USA.
Monday 19 April 1999
"Love your country!  Of course, being a Thompson, I'm part Irish!  I DO have ancestors over there, and hope to come over there some time for a genealogy working vacation, some time."
Ch. LTC. Everett K. Thompson, CAP, Idaho, U.S.A.
Monday 19 April 1999

Breda Toomey, Queensland,

Monday 19 April 1999
"cool pic's"
Joe Kehrli, Lansford, Pa., USA.
Monday 19 April 1999
"Interesting darts tournaments in ireland ????"
S Joerdve, Basel,
Monday 19 April 1999
"What   great   fun   to   peek   in
on   Ireland   from   almost   halfway   around   the   world .    Your   guestbook is difficult to
read .   The   green   on   green   doesnt   make   for   good   contrast."
Black on green - how is this. Webmaster.
Shannon O'Donnell, Tacoma, WA, USA.
Thursday 15 April 1999
" the web cam is great"
Jim Ford.
Thursday 15 April 1999
"I like your web site, but then I love Ireland.I`ve always felt
that I should have been born here.Most of my ancestors were.Some day I`d
love to visit.Will share this web site with other
relatives.Thanks, Norma
Norma [Losh] Runyon, Marion, Indiana- U S.
Thursday 15 April 1999
"Always looking for a way to view Ireland.  Plan to return for a visit next year.
Shamrock Cottage."  My site
Bob aka Shamrock, Sharon, Pennsylvania. USA,
Thursday 15 April 1999
"First tiime I've looked at a "Webcam." Fascinating!"
Chuck Travis.
Thursday 15 April 1999
I love it !!!
J. BABCOCK, Cadillac, MI  USA.
Monday 12 April 1999

Bruce Houley, Macleay island, Queensland Australia.

Monday 12 April 1999
"Even if I saw your cam when it was night time.It's a good site."
tweety78, San Antonio, Tx/
Monday 12 April 1999
"Excellent site.  My in-laws are from Ireland and I EMailed them the webcam page. One of them is a NYC bus driver so he'll enjoy the Dublin buses."
Jeffrey Rosen , Long Island , NY, USA.
Monday 12 April 1999

David Barton,  Piscataway, NJ/ USA.

Monday 12 April 1999

Darcy,Perth , Western Australia.

Monday 12 April 1999
"Hi!  I am going to travel to your wonderful country June 15 through June 23, 1999 and I just wanted a peek at your weather.  Hi!  I am going to travel to your wonderful country June 15 through June 23, 1999 and I just wanted a peek at your weather. See you then, Saskia."
Saskia, Port Angeles, WA/USA.
Thursday 8 April 1999
"I like your site very much and I will certainly visit it often"
Jolande Aerts, Hengelo, Netherlands.
Thursday 8 April 1999
"Great site, and the picture amazed me, Was that the (Scratcher) The Labour exchange ? I used to visit there often, for my few bob every Thursday @ 10.15pm Hatch 32 (In my overalls) lol. Anyway great site, keep up the good work.  Slan.
Gerry it sure is.  And didnt I often let you on front of me when you were late for work - lol. Webmaster.
Gerry Plunkett, Toronto, Canada.

Thursday 8 April 1999
"I love the idea of live Internet cameras around the world!
It really is a small planet,you know, and Internet cameras make it seem even smaller.
It's almost like being there.My grandfather came to the US from Wales and my grandmother
came here from Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan. I hope to come over to visit those areas
at some point in the future.If you know of any webcams in the Co. Monaghan or Co. Cavan area
could you let me know? Thanks, Kathleen
Will do but I am not hopeful. Thanks for your message. Webmaster.
Kathleen Krun,  Wilmington,  Delaware, USA.
Thursday 8 April 1999
"I've looked in on your site for a while now and see you've added a camera with a much more interesting view. A suggestion: if you could put in a little map showing where you are and the orientation of your cameras. If you could then zoom out from the map view and really get oriented that would be great. Thanks very much. Tim"
Timothy Garrity,  Montoursville, PA/USA.
Tim, thanks for you interest and suggestion. It's on our list...but..........Webmaster.
Thursday 1 April 1999

"Liked your site.......will return"
Sharron Price, Ontario, Canada.
Thursday 1 April 1999

"....lovely page..."
John Tobin, CT, USA.
Thursday 1 April 1999

Jackie Borgelt, Howell, MI  USA.

Monday 29 March 1999
"Enjoying the views  first time i been here but will return
also mailed the site to a friend in North Carolina
Thanks for the streaming pic's - ELMER "
Elmer Schroll, East Hartford, Connecticut/USA.
Thank you. We appreciate that. Slan. Webmaster.
Monday 29 March 1999

 C. Foster, Ar, USA.

Monday 29 March 1999
"....need more cameras in ireland.."
Bill Smith, Toronto, Canada.
Monday 29 March 1999

"Like your site very much will be back often.Top of the day to you."
J.J. Twohig, Hatfield, PA, USA.
Monday 29 March 1999
"Of all the visually attractive places in Ireland and Dublin, could'nt you have come up with a better shot than this? I stayed on Lower Gardiner St. last year, and I Know there are better shots in the area than this. Nice try anyway... Cheers to you..."
Dennis O'Connor, Chatham, New York, USA.
Sorry. The cams are in the window of our premises. When we start making money we intend to buy the whole street. So stick around and ya never know. Slan agus go raibh mile maith agat. Webmaster.
Monday 29 March 1999
"This site quells my feelings of homesickness.  Nice sometimes to be able to have a look at the auld sod in realtime.
Jill Murphy, Arlington, Virginia, USA.
Thursday 25 March 1999
"It was too late (21.45) to see anything. But I visit another time by daylight Bye, bye!"
Nico Blesgraaf, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands.
Thursday 25 March 1999
"I love this site!  It contained plenty of information, thanks!"
Denise Dougherty, NJ, USA.
Thursday 25 March 1999
"Love this place.  Some day, I plan to visit Ireland in person."
Ed Finley, MS., USA.
Thursday 25 March 1999
"I think this is a lovely site - I can't wait to get back to Ireland - but
in the mean-time I'll have the site to drop in and see whats going on-Could
you put a camera in one of the pubs so I can have a drink with ya on the
weekends - Thanks
Brian Hartmann, NJ / USA.
Thursday 25 March 1999
"What a wonderful site.  I happened here a week ago and find your
Gardiner Street live camera irresistable.  I think I have been back every
day since without a clear notion why.  I expect to visit Ireland in the
next year or so and will make it a point to visit your camera site just so
I have the perspective after the trip and can "check back in" whenever I
want after that.  Thank you.  Jack Duggan"
Jack Duggan, Anchorage, Alaska USA.
Thursday 25 March 1999

Dave Keegan, Tallaght, Dublin 24.

Monday 22 March 1999
"I hope to visit again Soon."
M. F. "Frank" Mullany, Mifflinburg, Pa. USA.
Monday 22 March 1999
"Great site"
Mick Murphy, Huddersfield, England.
Monday 22 March 1999
"We were in Dublin last July and it is great to see it again.  I have bookmarked the site so I can visit again and again.  Go raibh maith agat. Slan.around."
James Clancy, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.
Agus go ndeirigh and bhothar leat a Sheamais - Webmaster
Monday 22 March 1999
"My first visit to your pages, soon to be coming to Ireland for a visit. Looking around."
Jonathan Jeffries, New York, USA.
Monday 22 March 1999
"I worked in the rent a bike shop for many years at 58 Lwr Gardiner Str and it is great to look at your live cam as it brings it all back. I live in Minnesota USA now, but get back to Dublin alot. I was in New York a few weeks ago and bumped into PJ who ran Keatings pub round the corner. It's a small world. I saW your site in a Minnesota newspaper doing an article on St Patrick's Day. Keep up the great work!!!!!! Brendan"
Brendan O'Callaghan, Northfield, Mn., USA. 
Monday 22 March 1999

"Thank you an Irishman wanting to know about his background.  But still loving Ireland even though never having been there"
Dennis Donovan, Gloucester,
Monday 22 March 1999
"Will be visiting Dublin March 26-29 can't wait"
Ed Bennett, Baltimore, Ohio,
Friday 19th  March 1999
"I like it "
John Mullany, Ocean City, NewJersey,
Friday 19th  March 1999
"Love your pictures.  They bring back fond memories. In your camera #2 is the white building on left the old Moran's Hotel?. "
Morans Hotel is directly opposite and on the far corner of the junction. Webmaster.
Friday 19th  March 1999

Chris McGrail,

Friday 19th  March 1999
Graham Counihan, Poynette, Wisconsin / USA.
Friday 19th  March 1999
"I like it it's cool"
Marc Bariteau, Victoria, BC,
Thursday 18th  March 1999
"Visited 2 years ago and looking forward to a return visit."
Bill Prestly, Minnetonka, Minnesota  USA.
Thursday 18th  March 1999
"Happy St Patricks Day everybody."
Mary Daily, Texas, USA.
Thursday 18th  March 1999
"Hey,, I hope this goes thru..*S*.. Love looking at the video of Ireland. Have a great day,,*SMILE*"
Sweetie pie aka Marie, Illinois,
Thursday 18th  March 1999
"In my opinion you have the most unusaul web siteI have ever visited - well done"
Peer Woolrich, Toronto, Ontario,
Thursday 18th  March 1999
"This is a very nice web page.I love your live shots of Dublin!!"
Deborah, Spartanburg, SC,
Thursday 18th  March 1999

Greg Kuyava & Chris Dunn-Kuyava, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Tuesday 16th  March 1999
"Such a lovely place..."
Sergey A. Yevtiukhin, Moscow, Russia.
Tuesday 16th  March 1999
"We will be in Ireland this September. Just looking ahead on the internet and getting excited."
Jim & Lessie Diffey, Grass Valley, Ca.   USA.
Tuesday 16th  March 1999
"This is the worst live cam shot I've seen ever!!"
Gillian White, Montauk, NY, USA.
You are the judge - Webmaster.
Monday 15th  March 1999
"Brilliant website.  Very useful for us as we would like to holiday in Ireland at Easter.  Hope to see you then!?"
John and Lisa Askew,  Essex England.
Monday 15th  March 1999
".....will be visiting ireland aug 21/30"
Ffred /Dinah  Veenhof, florida, USA.
Monday 15th  March 1999
"Hello folks. Found your site by doing a search for Irish web cams."
Michael J Synnott, London, UK.
Monday 15th  March 1999
"Nice site ... your camera was not live though.
It was timestamped 13-Mar 9:50"
Philip Morgan, London, UK.
Friday 12th  March 1999

Gary, San Diego, CA., USA.

Friday 12th  March 1999
"I really love the site, especially the live web cam. I'm planning a trip there for the summer of 2000...I can't wait! From all my research, Ireland is such a beautiful country! Rock 'n roll doggies! "
Elena, Dublin, Ohio.
Friday 12th  March 1999
"Thank   you   for   allowing   us   to   cherish   being   a   small   part   of   Dublin   whenever   we   need   to   fulfill   that   Irish   yearning   to   be   home   amongst   you   all.   only   Ireland   can   cast   such   a   vast   web.   God   bless   you. "
Brendan and Maura Ward , Ontario,
Friday 12th  March 1999

Al Ricciuto , Rochester , New

Friday 12th  March 1999

Tylas  Merriman,  NewWestminter, Canada.

Friday 12th  March 1999


Wednesday 10th  March 1999

John A. Lawlor, Sharon,  MA  USA.

Wednesday 10th  March 1999
"I just can not believe that iam sitting in my kitchen and watching the sunrise in Ireland. Thank you,that was really amazing."
Nicole Montgomery, California, US.
Wednesday 10th  March 1999
"Great cam!  I also like Guinness beer. :o).."
Weird Al, Marion, OH, USA
Sunday 7th  March 1999
"Great... but we will visit  you in  May 99...."
Jenny & Jurg, Zurich, Switzerland.
Sunday 7th  March 1999
"I have enjoyed myself as I watched the streets of Ireland. It is the next best thing to being there."
Paul Travers, Frankston, Victoria, Australia.
Saturday 6th  March 1999
"Today is my birthday,47 flirting with the big 50. Unfortunately I have to work a double shift in NYC. Tomorrow is Mid-Hudson Irish day at Bear Mt. State park on the Hudson river north of NYC. can't wait to hear some pipes playing. Nice site,I enjoyed the updating cam shot."
Hope you had a great day- Webmaster.
Corky Ray, Washingtonville, NY, USA.

Friday 5th  March 1999
"Thank you for your site. It's very green.  Ireland is most beautiful in Europe I believe."
Igor Vorontsov, St. Petersburg, RUSSIA.
Thursday  4th  March 1999
"I would like to find some of my family still in Ireland."
Mary E Greene, Oceanside, California  U.S.A,
Thursday  4th  March 1999
"My husband and I, and two friends will be visiting Ireland in May.  Save us some poteen!"
Treat yourselves to some Guinness as well and enjoy - Webmaster.
Janet Gaynor , Lakewood, CO.,
Monday 1st March 1999
"Me  and  two  of  my  girlfriends  are  coming  to  Dublin in 2 weeks.  So watch out.  We 're  looking  for  some  good  ale     and  we're  not  talking  about  Miller  . "
Melonie  McKim , Chicago, IL,
 Monday 1st March 1999
"Enjoy your web-site will come back to it"
Don Williams, Kearney, Nebraska,
Monday 1st March 1999
"We enjoyed the live photos and related links on your web site"
Phil O'Connor's Irish Pub, 1017 Old River Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 44113.
Saturday 27th  February 1999

"Nice to see you are having a "soft" afternoon with the weather."
William McCarthy, Bluffton, SC/USA.
Saturday 27th  February 1999

Gary Cooley,  Il. USA

Saturday 27th  February 1999
Donna Golke, Nevada, USA.
Saturday 27th  February 1999

Peulicke,  Dragør, Denmark.

Saturday 27th  February 1999

Charlene Halsey,  Fresno , CA., USA 

Saturday 27th  February 1999
"What a COOOL site!! How do you do that?? lol!!"
Kasey Walker (5kid), Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Monday 22nd  February 1999
"Look images of Ireland in TV and in magazines. Is very, very beautiful.
Dublin is very very beautiful. Sorry, my english no is very good, sorry."
Raphael Marcelino Tostes, SÃO PAULO, Brazil.
Sunday 21  February 1999
"For me and my wife, Ireland is the most beautiful country ( may be equal with France of course...) and we love your people .We know DUBLIN but so much DONEGAL.
Bye bye and thanks for your site."
Jean-Jacques BAZUS, TRESSES, France.

Sunday 21  February 1999

Ellen Torpey, Arlington, MA  USA,

Sunday 21  February 1999
"I used to live in Kilmore Quay and I would recomend giving it a visit as the veiws are superb and the people even better.Say hello to Father Jim Cogley, great guy !!"
Del Mardell, Barnstaple, Devon, UK.
Sunday 21  February 1999

Pat Burke, Alberta, Canada.

Sunday 21  February 1999

Allen L. Leddon, Wichita, Kansas / USA.

Sunday 21  February 1999
"This is a GREAT website--seeing Dublin live makes me want to return there for another visit!"
Martin Logan, Pinnacle, NC, USA,
Sunday 21  February 1999

Olin Garrett, Porterville, Calif./USA.

Sunday 21 February 1999
"I was just checking out cameras in Vienna ...and it seems that most major cities now have robo-cams ....allowing us to move them ourselves there any plans for this on your site???!"
Darren O'Connor, Wexford, Ireland
Thursday 18th  February 1999
"Cool site keep up the good work!"
Dan Sullivan, Erie, PA, USA.
Thursday 18th  February 1999
"What a pleasant surprise stumbling into your site. I love Dublin!"
Charlie Porter, NY, USA.
Thursday 18th  February 1999
"I would just like to say that I think Ireland is a beautiful country. And i would someday like to visit if at all possible. I am of Irish decent  my ancestors came from Ireland   my great grandmother and great grandfather on my mother's side of the family."
Sharon Lenane, Boston, Mass., USA.
Thursday 18th  February 1999.
"Get ready... we are coming your way and will be walking  / crawling through your door
 on April 5th. My Grandmother's   maiden name was O 'Brien  so I expect to be treated royally by both you and all the other fine folks there in Dublin."
We will sure try to do our best - you have my word for it - Webmaster.
Marlott and Sheila Rhoades, St Louis, Missouri, USA.
Monday 15th  February 1999.

Christina Childress, Maynardville, TN, USA.

Monday 15th  February 1999.

Julian Thomas, Borth, Wales, UK.

Monday 15th  February 1999.
"I enjoy a view of Dublin. Thank you."
Jude T. Walsh, New Cumberland, Pennsylvania  U.S.A.
Sunday 14th  February 1999.
"Visited Dublin in 1994,stayed at the Clarence, didn't meet U2 but hope to next time. ."
Angie Machin, Newcastle, Staffordshire,
Sunday 14th  February 1999.
"Love the country . Hope to be there soon........"
Adrian Scheepers, Cape Town, South Africa.
Sunday 14th  February 1999.
"Thanks for the view, I'm Irish but have stuck in the usa since birth...."
R Ralston, USA.
Sunday 14th  February 1999.

"Viewing Dublin's streets is more interesting than work (my job at present isn't all that exciting)......"
Aidan Power, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
Sunday 14th  February 1999.
"Really wonderful!"
Mike Parker, Reno, Nevada, USA.
 Sunday 7th  February 1999.
"Nice view I can remember working just around the corner from you and going to the welfare office across the street as well as meeting peole off the bus there........"
Ray Husk, Boonton, NJ USA.
Sunday 7th  February 1999.
"Hello, world.........."
Yu Liang Chen, Baltimore, MD, USA.
Sunday 7th  February 1999.
"The old home town looks the same........."
Sharron Roantree, Philadelphia, USA.
Sunday 7th  February 1999.
"Hello, Greetings from Holland, nice picture!!........."
Wijnand Nieuwenhuyze, Oud Beyerland, Holland.
Tuesday 2 February 1999.
"I lived in Dublin for 1 year in 1992-93 and came over some times since then. Unfortunately, I did not have any chance to come since 1997. Thank you for the chance you give to me to have a look at the land I love.." Ignazio Carpitella, Pavia, Italy.
Tuesday 2 February 1999.

Marion Crowe, Ontario, Canada

Tuesday 2 February 1999.

Gary Kennedy,  Niwot, Colorado, USA.

Monday 1 February 1999.
"I was born and brought up in Dublin (Oxmantown Road area) so it is nice to look in on the old city from time to time. In the fifties I used to work at Talbot St. station.  Thank You M.J.E."
Michael J. Edwards, North Vancouver  B.C., Canada
Sunday 31 January 1999.

John Paul Matthewson, Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman.

Sunday 31 January 1999."It looks a bit different than Alabama - dont see any chickens in the street ? Thanks all the same"
Morgan, Alabama, USA.
Sunday 31 January 1999.

"Gives me hope that someday when I return to my adopted homeland it will be for good. For now it's a nice way to feel connected.
Thomas Feehan, Mineola, NY, US.
Sunday 31 January 1999.
"I like seeing the wee smidgeon of Ireland out your window.  I've also gone to a few of your links."
Fran, Georgia, United States.

Friday 29 January 1999.
"Great place to browse,regards John."
John E. Beswick, Mornington, Victoria, Australia.
Friday 29 January 1999.
"I was there in 1993 for 1 year working for Intel in Leipzig (um that might be Leixlip I think - webmaster).  I love the country!  I hope to go back soon."
Alex Peña, Oregon, USA.
Thursday 28 January 1999.

Arne Rimmereide, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Thursday 28 January 1999.
Monday 25 January 1999.
"I Love your Web site. Hope to come to Ireland before I DIE............ .."
Janet Russell, Greenwood, Arkansas, USA.

Monday 25 January 1999.
"I logged on just after midnight, your time. Will return at a better time. Thanks! .."
Jean Shaw, Stephens City,

Saturday 23 January 1999.
"I love the view. I live in the Mojave Desert. Quite ugly here. .."
Bruce Jones, Victorville, California, USA.

Saturday 23 January 1999.
"Someday I hope to visit the land my grandfather left so many years ago.."
Daniel McCloskey, Horton, MI. USA.

Saturday 23 January 1999.
"After having been in Dublin this past summer (and planning to return) we have sort of kept in touch through the internet and the assortment of live cameras. Also having walked up and down Lower Gardiner it is fun to try and figure out exactly where the camera is coming from. Have enjoyed your site even more since you added the second camera. Keep up the good quality pictures."
Henri Olivier, Alberta, Canada.

Friday 22 January 1999.
"..... Beautiful......."
Anne Sessions

Thurs 21 January 1999.
"I like the site. The cams viewing the cities are great. l have to sign on earlier than I do so I can see the city in the daytime. Hope to visit your great country soon. "
Shelley, Ohio, USA

Thurs 21 January 1999.

Liam and Maureen Dunne,Dorchester, Mass., USA .

Thurs 21 January 1999.
"..most impressed with irish IT. My mom was born in Ballyjamesduff"
Philippa Nitsche,Garran.A.C.T.(Canberra), Australia.

Thurs 21 January 1999.
"..stayed in the globetrotters hostel a few years ago ...looking at this made me "homesick"...thanks guys!!!!! "
Jenny Murray ,Blaxland , outside Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Monday 18 January 1999.

Mary Hoban, Oakland, California, USA.

Monday 18 January 1999.

Johannes Sowinski, Oberhausen, Germany.

Monday 18 January 1999.

Fred vd Berg, Ter Aar, Holland.

Monday 18 January 1999.
"It is a good quality image (very sharp) we are 11 hours ahead of you."
Neville Brown, Moonee Ponds, Melbourne, Australia.

Monday 18 January 1999.
"Once again I see Ireland and my heart throbs"
David J Herens, Forestville, Connecticut, USA.

Saturday 16 January 1999.

John J. Joyce II, Antelope, California, USA

Saturday 16 January 1999.
"Great idea...very clever"
Ruby, Liverpool, UK
Saturday 16 January 1999.

"Wonderful to see dear old Dublin again! I grew up there in the 40s and early 50s and cannot imagine what the most beautiful city in the world is like after some 35 years away. Good to see you also still have the best public transport in the world also, even if all the great double deckers are not all green anymore. Thank you so very much for bringing these views to us; me to reminisce and my wife to visualise what Dublin and the rest of Ireland are really like. Go raibh mile maith agath!".
Rory McEvoy, Toronto, Canada.

Thursday 14 January 1999.
"As I write this, it is -36 degree celcius in beautiful Sherbrooke. I lived in Ireland 3 years: 3 great years they were.When I hear an Irishman complaining about the Irish weather, I say come over here and then you'll see what a rough climate is..
Richard Flynn, Sherbrooke, PQ.,, Canada

Thursday 14 January 1999.

Jim Flood (Seamus MaoTully), Colorado Springs, CO, USA.

Thursday 14 January 1999.

Les Peterson, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Thursday 14 January 1999.
"I think your web site is informative, entertaining, comprehensive and well done. I visit here often".

Thursday 14 January 1999.
"Ireland is just beautiful, and I wish there were many more sites like this!.
Kari, Trondheim, Norway

Tuesday 12 January 1999.
"Love to visit your fine city and meet U2,and see the leprachauns."
Chuck Bradshaw, New York.

Monday 11 January 1999.
"Greetings from Pennsylvania. Great site. Would love to know more about who is running it."
Nancy Harris, USA

Monday 11 January 1999.
"i love you ireland and i'm coming to see you as soon as i can!.
Jilly McCleary Grempler, Stevenson, Maryland, USA

Monday 11 January 1999.

Georg Zacher, Muenster, Germany.

Monday 11 January 1999.
"I have stayed in this very street shown on the web-cam, and i think the camera is a great idea. Dublins great, i will be back there in a few months, if your thinking about going, DO IT!! its a great city!.
Al, Glasgow, Scotland

Thursday 7 January 1999.
"Wish there were more sites showing beautiful Ireland".
JOHN H. KEENAN. Tampa, Florida.
Wednesday 6 January 1999.

"Sending you wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year".
PATRICIA. Victoria, BC, Canada.
Sunday 3 January 1999.

"Nice site and nice to have pictures".
Richard Hennessy. Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S.A.
Sunday 3 January 1999.

"We were in Dublin for the Notre Dame V's Navy game. It was exciting to be there but we didn't have enough time to look around much since we were transported in from Killarney. This site is great and the next time we get to Ireland we will be sure to stop by and say Hi!"
MARY ZELLER. Riverside, California, USA.
Saturday 2 January 1999.

"Great Site. Keep it up".
MARIO B. Genoa, Italy.
Friday 1 January 1999.

DR. FISHER & DR. SMALL. Chinatown, Victoria, Canada.
Friday 1 January 1999.

"Happy new year to all of you".
MANFRED RUTZ. Bonn, Germany.
Friday 1 January 1999.

"Isn't it grand?".
Thursday 31 December 1998.

"I love the live picture. It is always night by the time US is looking in on Ireland. I am also searching for Irish penpals so feel free to e-mail and I'll try to respond as quickly as possible".
Thursday 31 December 1998.

"I visited Dublin 2 years ago on my trip through the British Isles. It was my favorite city. MAJOR TOM'S was my first stop. Great cam!! Thanks....Tara".
TARA. Toronto, Canada.
Thursday 31 December 1998.

"I think it's good idea for people living abroad who are from ireland to have a record of their family background and I intend to register within the New Year. Happy New Year to all".
JOHN PATRICK DOYLE. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Thursday 31 December 1998.

"Dublin is a very nice city. Merry Christmas".
VICTOR J. RUIZ. Madrid, Spain.
Wednesday 30 December 1998.

"Have been missing the Emerald Isle since my band trip there in '97. Beautiful place!"
Tuesday 29 December 1998.

"Great Site. It Is Super".
MARIO BERTIERI. Genova, Italy.
Tuesday 29 December 1998.

"Really enjoy seeing the picture of Dublin. This is a very neat site".
INA SCANLON. Indiana, U.S.A.
Monday 28 December 1998.

"I'm too late for Christmas but trust you had a good one and wish you all a great New Year".
DERECK PHILLIPPO. Magnetic Island, Queensland, Australia.
Sunday 27 December 1998.

"I enjoy checking out the sights in Dublin. Thanks".
JOHN MAGYAR. Acton, California.
Sunday 27 December 1998.

"I love the view. Look forward to the day I can see it in person".
MICHAEL HARASEK. Trenton, New Jersey, USA.
Sunday 27 December 1998.

"Really neat web cam. Peace".
BRIAN MOLINE. Port Orchard, Washington, USA.
Friday 25 December 1998.

"Great site! How did Gardiner Street Get it's name?"
Wednesday 23 Dec 1998.

"Seeing Gardiner Street each morning, Dublin does not seem so far away".
NOEL NEARY. Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
Tuesday 22 Dec 1998.

"Ah fond memories. Now if you can only get a cam inside 'Kennedy's' off Merion Square".
Tuesday 22 Dec 1998.

"I lived a year in Dublin from 1992 to 1993......and I do love Ireland and Irish people. I wish to see you soon. Bye".
Saturday 19 Dec 1998.

"Love the site. I have a look every morning".
PATRICK SPAIN. Dorsten, Germany.
Saturday 19 Dec 1998.

"A good idea!!".
JOE NEVILLE, Dublin, Ireland.
Friday 18 Dec 1998.

"Beautiful idea. I want to go to Dublin. I know U2. Thank you for the nice view".
EIICHI OGURA. Kashiwa, Japan.
Wednesday 16 Dec 1998.

"I love your country, culture, traditional Irish music and Enya . Peace to Ireland. Brasilian Friend".
FABIO SCHMITZ. Florianopolis, Brasil.
Tuesday 15 Dec 1998.

"Love the site was in Dublin in 1956 at the age of 8 so good to be able to drop in and take a look".
DEREK PHILLIPPO. Queensland, Australia.
Saturday 12 Dec 1998.

"Congratulations for yor WEB CAM".
FEFFO. Floripa, Brazil.
Friday, 11 Dec 1998.

"Camera indicates a beatiful, sharp picture of peaceful scenery. Semper en Pacem! ".
Friday, 11 Dec 1998.

"Always glad to see a bit of Dublin as we were there a couple of years".
TOM HATTON. Washington / USA.
Wednesday, 9 Dec 1998.

"Spent many happy times in Dublin when I studied at Trinity - many years ago in 1957. Your live cam brings back lovely memories.
Many thanks - I shall keep dropping in! Congratulations.
Wednesday, 2 Dec 1998.

"Drop by this site . I enjoy this "visit" every day at this location.Thank You, Bob".
ROBERT BURKE, Artist. Massachusetts, USA.
Wednesday, 2 Dec 1998.

"Glad to know that the O'Connell bridge isn't the only webcam in Dublin!! Thanks.....".
CELIA MUSGRAVE. British Columbia, Canada.
Wednesday, 2 Dec 1998.

"Excellent service......".
NIAMH BENNETT. Romford. England.
Monday, 30 Nov 1998.

"Love Ireland planning a trip for year 2000 to visit".
MILTON W. ROBB Houston, Texas, U.S.A.
Monday, 30 Nov 1998.

"It reminds me a nice trip in Ireland".
LOIC. Maurepas, France.
Sunday, 29 Nov 1998.

"Nice of my favorites... :)".
PAMELA =^..^= Oregon, US.
Friday, 27 Nov 1998.

"Very nice the peek into Dublin.. wish you had more cams...".
THIA FLOYD. Somewhere in the USA.
Thursday, 26 Nov 1998.

"You will probably laugh, but I check this picture often to see if it is raining in Dublin, and I must say, that most of the time, it is. I was in Ireland last year and will be returning 1999 for a month. I will be sure to bring a raincoat and umbrella. Sr. MK".
Tuesday, 24 Nov 1998.

"Ireland is a nice country, and so green. GREETINGS from MEDITERRAEN SEA".
FRANCISCO DEVIS. Valencia, Spain.
Sunday, 22 Nov 1998.

"Nice view folks...keep it up".
BRIAN MOORE. Cavan, Ireland.
Friday, 20 Nov 1998.

"I like your site, it is interesting to me to see live cam in action, it is 5.39 pm your time so I will pick another time in daylight to see the rest of the views".
FRANK ARCHER. Queensland, Australia.
Friday, 20 Nov 1998.

"Family from Portadown".
STEVE ENGLAND. Ontario, Canada.
Thursday, 19 Nov 1998.

"Seeing the narrow streets and traffic reminds me of the "White Knuckle" driving we did on our road trip around your wonderful Island. Thanks!".
ROON BENTON. Wichita, Kansas, U.S.A.
Wednesday, 18 Nov 1998.

"Very nice view".
KAEPERNICK. Bayern/Germany.
Tuesday, 17 Nov 1998.

"Thanks for opening a window to the world.... peace".
JESUS & CARA. San Fransico, CA.
Tuesday, 17 Nov 1998.
Tuesday, 17 Nov 1998.

"My wife and visited Ireland in May/June l998, and County Laois in particular. It was the place from whence my namesake great, great grandfather immigrated to Newfoundland in l8l0 (from near Montrath in the Slieve Blooms. Will return in l999. Slan agus beannacht, Alexa & Mike Laurie".
Monday, 16 Nov 1998.

"It's nice to see Dublin. I miss it".
The Rev. DENNIS DOLLOFF. Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.
Monday, 16 Nov 1998.

"Just to say we appreciate your Website. It brings back fond memories of the lovely Holiday we spent in Ireland in 94. Take care".
Monday, 9 Nov 1998.

"Very good idea but I would like to see weather conditions posted with the picture".
Thursday, 5 Nov 1998.

"It was neat to take a glimpse of another part of the world. :o)"
KATIE. Pompano Beach, Forida, USA.
Wednesday, 28 Oct 1998.

"Truely enjoy your room with a view. Hope someday to see it in person".
JANET ROWE. Illinois, USA.
Wednesday, 28 Oct 1998.

"I love the Cam Page".
Sr. MARGARET L. KELLY. Brooklyn, NY.

Tuesday, 27 Oct 1998.
This is wonderful! Thanks for allowing a Georgia girl the chance to observe the prettiest place on Earth without leaving home".
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