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Seoirse aka gator

USA - Florida

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posted: 09.09.2004 00:35

Webmaster.....It\'s a good thing I like water and have a tough skin....This is my fourth day without electric power and today I lost my landline phone...with no way to charge me mobile and no landline, I finally was forced to come stay temporarily with a friend...Remembering the teachings of my old mentor, I didn\'t want to spend money for lodging......hehehehehe....

Seriously, I\'m doing well and wish the same for all my fellow Floridians...
Webmaster-Comment: ...ehehehehe........good luck Seoirse....hope services will be restored soon.....hope ya dont get too comfy where ya soon....Slainte.
Patricia L. Pearson

USA - Florida

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posted: 08.09.2004 22:40

Hello, WebMaster...

All calm here in Tally, the storm was not too bad at all here. Never did rev up from Tropical Storm to Hurricane. I hear it was a little worse in other places, but I have no power at home so can\'t get really good reports from the TV or Internet. I think power is generally out in Florida, especially with the big companies who have large power grids over most of the state. Seems that small, local companies can get back up and running quicker than the big companies. Tallahassee has it\'s own power company, so that\'s why I am letting you know from my workplace in Tally( that things are o.k. here. I will try to look into conditions in Jax area tomorrow, but I did hear there are still a lot of people (300,000?) without power. All will be fine, don\'t worry.

Webmaster-Comment: Hi Ms Pearson....thanks for keeping us informed. It's great that it wasn't too bad but if we had an electric outage for more than an hour here it would be an emergency. Nearly impossible to do without electric altho it can be done. It will surely be a gigantic task to get all back on the network. I hope it will be soon for you and all Floridians......bye for now and take care....Slainte.
mark mclean

USA - California

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posted: 08.09.2004 20:30

thanks, i miss dublin.
Webmaster-Comment: Hi Mark......thanks for the message.....Slainte.


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posted: 08.09.2004 18:47

hello!ma bucur ca am aceasta oportunitate de a ma bucura de aceste imagini....
Webmaster-Comment: Hi Cami....I hope that is something nice you said.....eheheheheh.
elizabeth connolly


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posted: 08.09.2004 07:50

hi webmaster thanks for the tip on the all ireland iwould like to see mayo win but thats a big but\'i guess dublin did not make it \'anyway next year\'matt talbot shop i think its in upper rutland st\'my school is lower rutland st\'thank u love liz
Webmaster-Comment: ...I'll find it....I'll find it....just you wait and see....eheheheheheheh
gary d

USA - Pennsylvania

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posted: 08.09.2004 03:04

Hiya Webbie:Missed you this weekend. Had the big labour day holiday here yesterday. took my girls fishing. caught 2 little bass but my girls were thrilled. life is gr8 when yer under workin\' age. I\'m off now, to the land of morpheus. good dreams to you as well webbie, and Happy Wednesdays to you!ps-can it be true? Guinness sales are down in Ireland? I just had a nice one yesterday here in Pennsylvania and trust me, it is still, the fruit of the gods. A true sandwich in a bottle! Slan, Gary D. in Good Ole\' Scranton, Pa., Yew S. A.
Webmaster-Comment: Hi Gary....How is it going. Fishing can be very exciting for the young...especially if you catch something and even sometimes when you "get a bite"........thats what we used call it. THo most times I think it was weeds attaching to the hook...ehehehehhe.

Guinness......I'm reliably informed that the best Guinness in the world is made in Lagos....but dont breath a word to anyone.....we need the tourists........hahahahah. Slainte.


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posted: 07.09.2004 15:50

I hope our friend Seoirse is dong ok as no word from him recently. Probably without the electric.

Good luck also to all in Tallahassee and hope that the electric is restored quickly......Slainte
Webmaster-Comment: Note:

All have checked in and all A1



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posted: 07.09.2004 12:06

Hello Webmaster!

Thank you for your kind words too. I\'m so much looking forward to visit Gardinerst. (for the first time, sorry and Dublin for the 7th. It\'s only a fortnight and I\'ll be there. You\'re doing a great job and it\'s lovely that you comment and answer. Since I\'ve discovered your site I\'ve never missed a day to visit cam four, my favourite one, and get a nose full of the fair City. Thanks for all and see you soon

Webmaster-Comment: ....and thank you again......I really hope your holdiay is an enjoyable one. Bring your mobile with you so that you can alert your people in Switzerland that you are on cam 4.....and I promise I will ahve the windows cleaned.....ehehehehhe. Slainte.


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posted: 07.09.2004 05:37

Hi, uncle webbie!!!

How\'ve you been?!

I\'m so tired and asleep but i\'m here just to ask you if you received the pics i sent you last week, ok?

Many kisses to this lovely and \'warm\' city!

Webmaster-Comment: Hi Jacque

Yes received thanks and will display them quite shortly. Maybe tomorrow.
Get some rest and dont be working so hard.


ya Uncle.
elizabeth connolly


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posted: 07.09.2004 02:28

hi there again webmaster no the school is in rutland st its off summerhill on the right hand side going up or left if ur going up sean mc dermott st its a red brick building it looks over our lady of lourds chaple not far from the 27 steps if they are still there hope u can find it it will keep u busy take care love liz
Webmaster-Comment: ...ok....ok......I'm a bit stupid.....will look again cuz I know where the church is. And there is a shop there called the Matt Talbot........I'll get there yet...ehehehehehhe...Slainte. Put your money on Kerry for the All-Ireland...they are playing Mayo....eheheheh
Patricia L. Pearson

USA - Florida

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posted: 06.09.2004 16:00

Hello, WebMaster...

All ok here as of now, about 11:00 a.m.. Frances has crossed Florida, and now is in the Gulf of Mexico. Due to pick up strength and become a category 1 hurricane, then hit between Ocklocknee Bay and the Aucilla River, right where we are, and travel up to Georgia and perhaps Alabama.

My power was out for about 18 hours, but is now back on. Probably temporarily. I stayed the night at my daughter\'s house about a mile away, she gets power from a different supplier, and hers didn\'t go off. Yet.

This afternoon will tell the tale...nothing to do but batten down and ride it out. One good thing, people are being much more sensible about this storm,staying off the roads, etc.

Keep those prayers and good thoughts coming, I\'ll check back with you after the storm passes.

Webmaster-Comment: Hi Ms Pearson

Good luck to you all. It must be a terrible experience. Prayers continuing. When all is quiet lets know how things are.
Bye for now

elizabeth connolly


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posted: 06.09.2004 10:52

gday webmaster being very busy hope u have being well we had a great winter here in queensland its spring is here now who won the all ireland ive lost track of it keep well love liz
Webmaster-Comment: Hi Ms Connolly...thought you had jumnped ship...ehehehhe. Good on the weather. Not so good for Florida.

All-Ireland not held yet. Will keep you posted. And I'm getting confused on that school you asked about. Is that school on the same side as the Matt Talbot church which is on the left hand side as you head away from Gardiner st.?? Slainte

France, Metropolitan

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posted: 06.09.2004 08:57

it's a great website. i advise it to all my friend. Very nice. Have a good continuation.

Webmaster-Comment: ...ah thank you...thank you....but ya wouldnt be after trying to entice all me friends off to France for their would never do that....ehehehehehehhe

Canada - British Columbia

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posted: 06.09.2004 04:53

gosh i\'d forgotten how beautiful dublin is..simply can\'t wait to see it all again on fri
Webmaster-Comment: Hi Aidan.....your welcome back...but bring yer brolly....Slainte


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posted: 05.09.2004 14:51

I look forward to visit Dublin in oktober.My hart swelling!!!
Webmaster-Comment: Hi are very welcom back. Enjoy your stay.

Czech Republic

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posted: 05.09.2004 13:08

Hi,I couldn\'t take my eyes off your webcam,it\'s simply great and brings me back lots of nice memories from my days spent in Dublin 2 years back,I can\'t wait to be back on short holliers again,regards and good luck to all of you,Slainte

USA - Arizona

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posted: 04.09.2004 19:05

Thank you for your webcam; it\'s great.

It\'s interesting and convenient to see how people live in other parts of the world from the comfort of my home.

Webmaster-Comment: Hi James and thanks for your nice comment.....Slainte
Patricia L. Pearson

USA - Florida

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posted: 04.09.2004 16:59

Thank you for your prayers and wishes for Floridians safety. It is 11:30 here now, beautiful and sunny. The newest advisory on the weather channel says Frances has been downgraded to a category 2 hurricane, just ready to hit West Palm Beach. It will seriously affect almost all of Florida, a wide storm. Likely scenario is torrential rains for many hours, flooding, power outages, now heading for Tallahassee, but should weaken over land. Winds now are only 105 mph. Boats breaking their moorings, and floating south on the Inland Waterway, Disney World is closed, a great (and sensible)exodus of tourists.

The lovely Sarah has gone to her parents in the Carolinas, and I do hope young Mr. S. will (though he probably won\'t)stay off his surfboard...there are dangerous riptides all along the Atlantic coast. Keep those prayers and good wishes flying, Webmaster. I believe they protect.

Webmaster-Comment: that is some wid-speed. 105mph. Doubt if we ever experienced such winds in this country. Lets hope it wont be too bad and that this will be the end of the storms for another 30 years.

Mr S.....well you know these young telling them anything. He says he is riding it out - whatever that means - but he hasn't left Jax anyway I know. I'm hoping it wont be too bad there either.
-....maybe he has headed for the Carolinas too. Make a discreet enquiry....eheheheheh.

And of course I will remember you all in my prayers as will our other friends.

Slainte, le gach dea ghui -(its a pleasant greeting in Irish.)
Dawna B

Canada - Ontario

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posted: 04.09.2004 14:03

great fun.


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posted: 04.09.2004 12:01

Wishing my friends in Florida safety and praying for you all. Hopefully Frances will weaken and avoid further damage to the State. May your Gods protect you all
Seoirse aka Lucky

USA - Florida

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posted: 03.09.2004 04:16

Webmaster....It looks as if Jacksonville will dodge the bullet once again with Frances approaching the Florida Atlantic coast...I remember you once told me that lucky things happen to those who live good, clean lives......That\'s ME........

Webmaster-Comment: comment....
Gary Grande

USA - Wisconsin

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posted: 02.09.2004 02:25

I\'m delighted to see the streets of Dublin on webcam. It makes the world seem smaller and a little more friendly.

Webmaster-Comment: ....the world is shrinking....and people are coming closer together.......thanks for your comment.

USA - Oklahoma

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posted: 02.09.2004 02:19

Webmaster-Comment: word describes it all......Thanks....Slainte.


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posted: 01.09.2004 17:37

When i visited Ireland for the first time in 1979, i stayed 3 nights in the B&B visible on the right hand side of CAM2. Was quite a surprise when i found your site.
Webmaster-Comment: ...thats the Townhouse. Very nice accommodation and nice people.......Thanks for your comment...Slainte

Other-Not Shown

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posted: 01.09.2004 01:43

Nice website, it sure helped me find camera info.
Webmaster-Comment: ...thank you....