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Patricia L. Pearson

USA - Florida

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posted: 31.08.2004 14:39

Well, Webmaster, what I was doing in Derry was just traveling around to see Ireland. I had spent a week in Dublin several years earlier on my way to visit friends in Brussels, and loved the city and wanted to see the countryside. So in the seventies, my mother and I spent a month driving around Ireland, going where we wanted and staying as long as we liked. We were everywhere, it’s not a big country. My mother was born a Brady, her mother a McCall, her great-grandmother a Driscoll, so we’re Irish and though our earliest Brady land warrant in PA, USA was in 1743, Driscolls in 1770\'s, even time and distance can’t take the wish to see Ireland out of the Irish. Lovely trip. I\'d like to do it again, bring my granddaughters someday, but they are still too young, only 5 and 6.

Have a nice day, Webmaster. Hope you didn’t lose betting on the football!

Webmaster-Comment: Ms Pearson......thanks for the reply. Firstly its Saturday 4th Sept. I hope Frances is not too destructive or indeed not destructive. Florida has been badly hit this year. Good luck to you all and my thoughts are with you.

Yes Ireland is a wee country ok...Derry and would ahve travelled probably half of it. You'll go south on the next trip.

Brady's are associated with Cavan mainly and McCalls.....was placing those as northerners or Scottish....but no research done on the latter.

Not a betting person...ehehehehehe.....even for big games.....

Young Seoirse is still doing good and spending his time on the beaches by all accounts.

Bye for now
Patricia L. Pearson

USA - Florida

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posted: 31.08.2004 14:32

Morning, WebMaster,

Thanks for the Gaelic Football info. I also googled up ********************************************************************************** it explained the Irish passion for hurling and football, said the players must have a connection to the county they play for. It didn’t tell how it is played which was ok, I'm more curious about the history and culture of it.

I'll finish in another entry, as this is geting too long.

Webmaster-Comment: ...looking for some readable data on that.........soon...Slainte.
gary d

USA - Pennsylvania

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posted: 31.08.2004 01:28

Hiya Webbie: Hope all was gr8 for your Monday,& may your Tuesday be even better. I work with a fella from Limerick & he was hoping Kerry won the match.

Thanks for the speedy reply to my Sunday e-mails. Do you get a huge salary for answering all the queries? If not, you well should!!!!It must be worth at least $100,000 Euros annually. I wanna be one of those folks in front of O\'Sheas @ next years match at Croake park. Anyway, have a gr8 week, I\'ll read yer reply 2morrow when I get back from work after I treat all my patients in rehab. Slan....GD in good ole\' Scranton, Pa.
Webmaster-Comment: Hi Gary

yes Kerry are in the All-Ireland final so your Limerick friend will be pleased.

Salary.....explain....ehehehehehehhe.My boss doesnt bel;ieve in paying. He will take me out for the occasional pint in O'Sheas and then expect me to buy one back.....thats the "round" system over here. He doesnt understand he is not doing me any favours....

A bit late getting back to you. Work is piling up and he wont recruit.

Bye for now


UK - Northern Ireland

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posted: 30.08.2004 12:57

Hello, Love you\'re site I visit it often,also I adore Dublin,got a lot of friend\'s there,Hi to everyone in Silken Thomas on Francis street...
Webmaster-Comment: Hi Gerry and thanks for your message. Francis st is steeped in tradition. An old part of the city and with exceptionally nice Dublin people there.....Slainte.
Patricia L. Pearson

USA - Florida

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posted: 30.08.2004 12:29

Ah, WebMaster, thank you. Mystery cleared up. I did notice the people in matching jackets, green with a wide yellow stripe on the chest, or red with a white stripe, but most of the people were wearing ordinary dress. I had written you an earlier guestbook entry in which I had mentioned that, but I forgot to put my name in it before I clicked \"send\" and it didn\'t go, then I forgot to mention it when I wrote the second. The first message is floating around somewhere out in cyberspace, I suppose.

What a crowd, the sidewalk was so thick with people that passersby had to walk in the street. I\'ve been to both Kerry and Derry, years ago. You are not speaking of American football, but what we call soccer, right? Who won?

Webmaster-Comment: ....Kerry won out easily. No not AFL or soccer it is Gaelic Football. Not quite as rough and it is a native game.

All public houses in the vicinity of the Stadium would be thronged. They usually deploy "crush barriers" to stop the people moving onto the main thoroughfare. The problem is of course being added to since smoking has been banned in pubs. The attendance figures at such matches is usually in the range of 50-60,000 and an all-ticket game.

Now what may I ask were you doing in Derry?
The website of the Gaelic Athletic Association is at

Also pl see this:


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posted: 29.08.2004 16:12


I´m a spanish girl. I´m 31 years old and I live in Barcelona. I´very sad because my husband had left to go to Dublin for two weeks.

he goes to learn english in an Academy.

Webmaster-Comment: Hi Lidia.....well two weeks is really not that long and you can see him every day if he comes in range of our cam4 and he can also come in and make calls home. Hope he does well with his studies and that he will be home soon to you......Slainte.
Patricia L. Pearson

USA - Florida

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posted: 29.08.2004 13:59

Good Morning, WebMaster...

Big crowd at O\'Shea\'s corner at about 1:00 pm your time. Must have been 75 people there, filled up the sidewalk, all looking intently in the direction of O\'Shea\'s door. Looked like every few minutes, someone would climb up on the steps, face the crowd, and give a speech. I was wishing I had \"Sound-a-Net\" so I could hear. What was going on, do you know?

Looked too organized to be just waiting for the bar to open. A political rally in favor of your upcoming appointment to AG with Kerry? Pat
Webmaster-Comment: Webmaster-Comment: Hi Ms Pearson.....I can answer this one quite
readily and it can be verified. I'm surprised you didn't notice the
mode of dress of these people. What was going on there was the
pre-match gathering of mainly the Kerry folk (Killarney is in the Co. of
Kerry). The stadium - Croke Park - is about 1/2 mile away. O'Sheas is
a Kerry pub and one of the meeting places for a pre-match drink.
You can be assured that there were many people in an
"uncomfortable" state at that football match due to their own
lunacy....ehehehehhehehe. The colours for the Kerry team are Green
and Gold and they were playing Derry who sport a Red colour.

The bar would open I think at around 12.30 (officially) but I would
expect it opened a lot earlier. It would be packed and thus the
crowd outside. People would also use the vantage point of the steps(stoops)
to look out for familiar faces or people they had planned to meet

I may have to re-consider that appointment when it comes up so
please don't discuss it openly just in case it gets to the wrong ears and I am
thought of as being presumptious by others.....Slainte
gary d.

USA - Pennsylvania

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posted: 29.08.2004 12:45

Jaysus Webbie-I just read Neil Mc\'s editorial on Dub....\"Dublin has to be the ******** city in the world. If I were you I would move. I did.,\'\' I dunno bout Neil but I\'d give a finger without anesthesia to be in Dub right this very second!!!!Beam me over Webbie!!!!I\'ll await your retort on this one....gary D in good ole\' Pa.
Webmaster-Comment: ...eehehehe...Mc probably just ahd a bad experience....he'll come around.....and he doesnt mean a word he says. May God bless him.
gary duncan

USA - Pennsylvania

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posted: 29.08.2004 12:40

good morning webbieat a beautiful day it appers to be in Dub\'. Nice here as well but we have thundershowers called for this afternoon. Have to get the kiddies ready for mass now but will look in again afterwards. Am taking the kiddies to the little league world series game today so have to keep our fingers crossed for good weather. About a twho hour drive from here to there. Happy Sunday\'s to all, and webbie, I wish I was there right now!!!!Take care, republican convention this week so I will look to see if Bush is standing outside of O\'sheas, just as Kerry was a few weeks back. Slan....Gary D in good ole\' Scranton, Pa., USA
Webmaster-Comment: Good morning Gary. Hope the game was good. Not too nice out in wind and rain tho.

I dont think Bush made it across but there is plenty of time yet for him to appear and it isnt that long ago since he was at Shannon. He has to save for the air-fare.....lorl....Slainte

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posted: 28.08.2004 14:29



Webmaster-Comment: ...if your not in you cant win....Hope you get lucky with that LOTTO Dick....slainte.
Neil McNamara

New Zealand

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posted: 27.08.2004 04:25

Dublin has to be the shittest city in the world. If I were you I would move. I did.
Webmaster-Comment: Well Neill I'm sure you think your right but your not expressing yourself that well. To get a response here you don't need to limit your vocabulary to that extent. Thanks for your comment and good health to you. Keep off the laxatives.

UK - England - London

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posted: 26.08.2004 20:04

Why are \"live webcams\" never live with moving pictures?
Webmaster-Comment: ...a good question Matthew. The simple answer is that live-streaming is costly on bandwidth.....someone has to pay for it.........and well you've guessed the rest. Thanks for taking the time to write.....Slainte.
Michael Daniel O'Connell

USA - Utah

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posted: 26.08.2004 16:51

Thanks, You\'s made my day!
Webmaster-Comment: ...thank you Michael.


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posted: 26.08.2004 15:08

Somebody mention Beer.

USA - Florida

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posted: 26.08.2004 13:32

Webmaster.....I\'ve been feeling guilty lately about our friend Zardoz being dowm there in those COLD southern I\'ve temporarily given up drinking cold beer and bunny watching down on the beach....Hope he returns soon.........
Webmaster-Comment: ...eheheheheheyou both are a right combination.....bunnies and
Michael and Alice

Czech Republic

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posted: 26.08.2004 05:15

Hi webmaster,

We can´t find the Guestbook page from 10.8. to 17.8.2004. It remembers us our beautiful stay in Dublin, our message to you and all who read this site.

Have a good time!

Bye M&A.
Webmaster-Comment: Hi you both,

Click on pge 2 above....its there ok....Slainte

USA - New York

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posted: 25.08.2004 13:03

Thanks for such a dynamic view of the streets of Dublin.Your site has gotten better and better.
Webmaster-Comment: Thanks Linda. We still have lot's to do.....Slainte
Patricia L. Pearson

USA - Florida

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posted: 25.08.2004 13:00

Hello, WebMaster...

Umbrellas on your corner today. Must be a pretty heavy \"mist\". Here is part of an Associated Press piece copied from our local newspaper, today\'s date. The Associated Press is a national news service. It gives an idea of current conditions in SW Florida.


\"Death toll: Charley has killed 25 people in Florida, state officials said Tuesday.

Shelters: About 775 people were staying in 16 shelters in the disaster area.

Power: State officials said about 57,370 customers were without power. About 60 percent of Charlotte County has had power restored, although it\'s not expected to be fully restored countywide until Sunday.

Relief: The Federal Emergency Management Agency said Tuesday that 125,000 families in Florida have registered for disaster relief and $53 million has been approved in the areas affected by Charley. About $20 million in aid has already been paid out.\"

Webmaster-Comment: Hi Ms pearson.....changeable weather we are having...generally described as "sunshine and showers". I don't think we ahve had a great year weatherwise and that effects tourism - though we dont need weather to spoil things. Our prices for accommodation, food and drink are way above wheat is acceptable to the "average" tourist. That needs badly to be addressed.

I'll take your word for the stats. for the disaster. Just heard it mentioned though that all may not have been reported. As you say....23 or's still too much.

Have a nice day....Slainte.

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posted: 24.08.2004 15:57


Webmaster-Comment: Dick

Keeps us all fit. Put you dont pedal 5 miles in and out every day through traffic. I'm nearly ready for the bus and just waiting on me free pass.....Slainte.
Patricia L. Pearson

USA - Florida

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posted: 24.08.2004 14:00

Good Morning, WebMaster...

Glad you\'re back. So it\'s Attorney General instead of Ambassador. You are perfect for the job. Sure, I\'ll be your staff. Two things I will present boss always addresses me as \"Sweetheart\" (which shouldn\'t be misconstrued, as I am old enough to be his mother), so if you will do that and give me a slight raise to $100,000 a year, we\'ve got a deal.

I hear the hurricane death toll is 23 in Florida, God rest their souls. I can\'t see a reason for anyone reporting fewer than the true number...23 or 43 is tragic. I\'ll ask my newspaper writer friend, he has the sources to get to the bottom of any question.

Pretty day in Dublin today. Take care.


Webmaster-Comment: Hi Ms Pearson

Well ya got a deal. Just leave giving your notice till I get the nod from Ms. Heinz herself. And addressing you as "sweetheart" wont be a problem at all. I'll change the emphasis in my voice when I'm addressing the other ladies...ehehehehehehhehehe....and of course I'll get you to sign a piece of paper just to ensure that I don't see a sexual harrassment claim should I forget the promised salutation or perhaps give the wrong emphasis. This could turn out to be trickier than I imagined. I don't think you'd settle for "babe"....eheheheheheh....Slainte


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posted: 24.08.2004 10:43


do you know anything about `EOIN COLFER` ? write back soon,thanks.

Webmaster-Comment: ya have me....can't say I have met the man. Though, a search on Google reveals.......ahhh....don't let me spoil it....just plug in EOIN COLFER and read all about this brilliant person......ok. Was this what i was supposed to so. Sometimes I wonder if I read minds correctly....ehehehehehe. Slainte.
..... Eoin Colfer

USA - Florida

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posted: 23.08.2004 09:29

Love the webcam, really miss being there!
Webmaster-Comment: ....thank you and hope you had no hardship during the hurricane.....Thanks for taking the time to write.....Slainte.
Gerry Browne

United Arab Emirates

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posted: 23.08.2004 08:12

Great to be able to see Dublin from so far away.

Thanks guys!

Makes me homesick
Webmaster-Comment: ....thank you Gerry.....hope you putting in a word for us about the oil prices......Slainte.
Fallbrook Mom

USA - California

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posted: 22.08.2004 14:54

Thanks Mr.WebWizzard,

Our duaghter is at a local Dublin Hostel, with a group of students from Vanguard University. She stood there right in front of O\'Shea\'s and I saw her live right there in front of the pub. Makes a mother almost want to cry.

Thanks again for all the fun your site has provided. Ah, the wonders of the web world.

Mom with a tear.

Webmaster-Comment: ....ahhh....Fallbrook Mom....that is nice. It's reassuring to see people ok and I can quite understand. We are pleased we can be involved.

For people who understand the web and WiFi we have a WiFi presence in this locality and it has been free for the months of June, July and August. Dont know if it will be free in September. Anyone with PDA's or laptops can access the internet thru WiFi and some can even make voice calls.

Anyway we are pleased that you could see your daughter.....Slainte and thanks for letting us know.
Patricia L. Pearson

USA - Florida

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posted: 22.08.2004 14:48

Good Morning, WebMaster...

Are you having a holiday? Your cheery and informative answers on this site are missed. One can always expect to see something pleasant, sometimes naughty but delightfully so, and quintessentially Irish, but we haven\'t heard from you in days. I have several friends who will be traveling in the Fall. They can’t wait to be on your CAM4. Will they be making you an Ambassador soon?

Florida is digging out from Hurricane Charley. Tremendous aid has been mobilized quickly, and though being there is no picnic for those affected, it is good to know significant help is ready and waiting at bad times. When disaster calls for the “best” in people to be brought out, American “best” is pretty damn good.

Thank you for your prayers and good wishes for Floridians...we know prayers help, and knowing good wishes are flying is like seeing a flock of lightens the heart.

Take care. Hope you’re back soon.

Webmaster-Comment: Ms Pearson

Correction. AG.....ehehehe.I'll do my best at that job. I'll be fair and treat everyone as being equal. Thats very important for me. Not sure if there will be a question of "interns" but if so you'll have to be moving from

It was a terrible time in Florida I believe and I have heard it said that the numbers dead have been grossly under-reported. If this is so I cannot understand it. It was an act of God and no one can prepare for such eventualities. I hope all returns to normal soon and that the state can alleviate the hardship. Family and friends cannot be replaced but hopefully people will try to understand the workings of the Almighty.

Bye for now.